Being diagnosed with hepatitis C

Being diagnosed with hepatitis C can come as quite a shock and can sometimes involve worry and stress. Everybody reacts differently. Some people become angry, others are confused or bewildered. All these responses are understandable. A positive attitude can help: look into the possibilities for dealing with the disease. Hepatitis C can be treated effectively.

Talking about hepatitis C

Coping with the emotional side of being diagnosed with hepatitis C can be just as difficult as the physical consequences. For some people, who have recently been diagnosed with hepatitis C, finding support is important. Support can, for example, be obtained by:

  • Asking your doctor or nurse for more information about hepatitis C
  • Talking to someone who has had hepatitis C: what are their experiences and how did they cope with liver disease?
  • Talking to a social worker or psychologist
  • Becoming a member of a patients' association.

Be open about the diagnosis
It frequently takes a while for the diagnosis to sink in. Some people prefer to behave as if nothing is wrong, whereas others decide to fight against the disease. A diagnosis is very personal. Whether you want to talk about it or not is entirely up to you,

but you have to realise that hepatitis C is nothing to be ashamed about. This can, however, be difficult if you appear to have liver inflammation. It helps to have a positive attitude. You have run into an obstacle, but getting round it is not impossible. You can ask for help from the people around you in various ways.

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